Monday, November 29, 2010

importance of teaching materials :)




Last week on friday, we had lesson with Hanna Thomsen from Teachers Resource Center Roskilde. Firstly, she introduced herself and gave us a warm up activity. She gave a topic which can catch the interest of children and wanted us to make up stories about this topic in pair. After, we told our stories, she mentioned some memories of her about topics. After this warm meeting and getting to know process was over, she showed some books and gave information for each book like in which level can be used and their contents and what kind of books they are ( task based or topic based, etc.). After her presentation about books, she wanted us to prepare a presentation with a pair about a book. we picked up a book and prepared a presentation with the help of guideline that she delivered to us. Me and uğur picked up a book called "A Year of Fun " and ı really enjoyed while searching the book. The book includes some special days belonging to American, British and Irish society. ı think the book is one useful and helpful for teaches as its aim is to teach English in a cultural context. moreover, there are some useful vocabularies with Danish equivalents under the pages which means teaching vocabulary in a context. Also, we made a compare and contrast of teaching materials in Turkey and we realized that we dont have such kinds of books teaching English in a cultural context. So, me and uğur will order this book this week and ı am looking forward to get my teaching material. Before presentations, we also played some games and ı really enjoyed with this lesson. As a result, it was a very useful lesson in terms of teaching materials and having a knowledge of these materials. ı understood importance of teaching materials very well in this lesson.

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