Saturday, February 5, 2011

a new term with new students :)

     We started our new term in Denmark last week. Many exchange students arrived and most of them are from Turkey and one from Belgium and three from Spain. Actually, one of our friends from Spain is going back to Spain on sunday. Anyway, we are having good times with our new friends. We all together went to volleyball match which is organized by Müslüm and we had a kind of meeting to get to know each other. When we gather, we have a kind of multicultural and multilingual environment. Everybody tries to learn something about each other's language. So, sometimes we make sentences including one word from English, one in spanish, Turkish, Danish, and French. We all learned some simple words in each other's language. I think ı am interseted in learning Spanish. ı learned that Spanish is also like Turkish in terms of being read or spoken like it is written. maybe during second semester, ı can pick up some words from Maria. :)
     Yesterday, Maria, Nazlı and me sat together until the morning and we talked about some of our traditions such as weddings and our countries and our universities. ı think we have some common points with spanish people maybe because of both Turkey and Spain is Mediterranean countries. Moreover, Maria always do experiments with food and make us try. And they are really good and we learned a new technique how to cook potatoe in microwave :). Also, sometimes we cook together and we talk about our food. It is really nice to know something about other cultures like their language, food, government, education, people , etc. I think ı like being social and having friends from different countries.

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