Thursday, November 4, 2010

Judging what feels RIGHT...

Hi, we discussed about a case ( ın Nazlı's words "CAKE" ) in Peter's class and ı want share the case here.
Here the extract ...

 I was a reception teacher in Manchester, and I really loved my job. I had been teaching for a couple of years, and I felt that I was beginning to do quite well. Then the dreaded ofsted experience came around ! On day three I had an inspector sitting in the back of my class observing me teaching. Half way through it started to snow. The whole class of four and five year-olds ran to the window. It was when it hadn't snowed for a few years, and I suddenly realized that it was the first time in their young lives that they had seen the snow. I tried to get them back in to their seats ( because of the inspector) but they were enthralled! I eventually gave up and we went outside and 'experienced' the snow. We came up with lots of really good words to describe the snow, and ı made a note to bring this into our science work.

The inspector failed the lesson because ı had not stuck to my lesson plan, and none of my learning objectives had been met. ı made a decision there and then to leave teaching, and that is what ı did. ı now work as an administrator in local government.

Was the inspector right to insist that the teacher stuck to the original lesson plan?
we discusses these questions and we agreed that the inspector was not right to do this. Because sometimes some unexpected conditions can avoid you being stuck to lesson plan. I think that the teacher did best by letting them to go out. At this age children are curious and eager to learn everything, so they ask questions or they want to expreince new things. Hence, as a teacher you should meet their curiosity needs. Moreover, if children hadnt gone out, they wouldnt have learned anything about the the lesson as they would have been physically in class but mentally outside. Furthermore, they have leaned something related to "snow" and they came up with many words related to it. Also we generally have lessons about weather conditions and the learnt something about snow by experiencing.
what is more, if the teacher hadnt let them to go out, student's attitude towards the teacher would have changed. In their eyes, he would have been unfriendly and strict.
I also experienced the same thing in primary school. In my home town it doesnt snow normally and you cannot see snow in winter times. So, we were always curious about the snow and one day it started to snow and we got excited and ran towards the window. Then, our teacher said that we could go out and we had the pleasure of seeing snow and enjoyed with the "snow" for a short preiod of time and since that day it has not snowed again.
How do you feel about this person's decision to leave teaching?
I wouldnt have done the same thing as a teacher in this situation because this shows that you easily gave up and this means that it is a bad personality for a teacher. On the contrary this situation should have made him stronger in terms of his job.

Storms make the oak grow deeper roots!

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