Sunday, November 28, 2010

it is snowing in Denmark :)




For a couple of days, we were very excited to see snow, and we took pleasure of snow by walking around and throwing snowballs to each other. But now ı am not sure we will really enjoy with snow and when Danes saw us enjoying with snow, their reaction is " you really like snow". We like snow as it is not snowing in our sunny and warm hometown. But ı am not sure we will really like snow in hard winter conditions :) Everywhere is getting white and grounds are getting frozen and if you are not careful, you can fall on icy roads. :) ı saw that people have difficult times in winter time because of snow. for example, everyday people who own a car try to de-ice their cars and also try to remove snow piled in front of their doors. Besides these, ı am said that our puddle got frozen because of snow. Maybe ı should tell the story from the beginning.  Before snow we had a lot rain and  because of heavy rain, we had a puddle on the ground of green area in front of our house. The weird thing is that seagulls and ducks rushed into this puddle and some friends said that we had a house overviewing a lake. However, now our puddle ( sorry lake) is frozen and we are waiting for penguins and polar bears. :) :) :) 
in front of our lake :)

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