Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Houses in Denmark....

My topic can seem funny but ı really like the houses in Denmark :)
In Vordingborg, the houses are detached (single houses) while maybe in big cities like Copenhagen they are mostly apartment buildings/blocks ( block of flats). I used to see that kind of houses with roof in New Year postcards in Turkey. There is not any houses with roofs in my region because my city is situated by Mediterranean Sea, so it never snows :) Danish people use many ornaments to decorate their gardens and ı saw many garden decorations and they really seem nice. Moreover, generally houses have huge windows and in front of windows, there are many candle as they dont like bright light and prefer to candle light. it is like a tradition but ı dont remember the name of this tradition. :)

 Speakin out light, in Turkey we are used to more shiny and white light but here lights are yellow and dimly lit. one day Nazlı asked our janitor to change the light in her room and the new one was also dimly lit. After two days, Carsten came and said that he couldnt find white light in Denmark. :)

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