Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dormitory matters :))))

Hi, ı want to write about life in dormitory :) Two weeks ago, we experienced some bad days because of some nonsense arguments with some of our Danish friends. In fact, we dont have any problem with anybody but sometimes nonsense things can turn into huge problems. I dont want to mention about the problem in detail here. For me, the biggest problem was not trying to find solutions for problems but making it bigger by moving it to Facebook or boards. The most annoying thing for us was some irrelevant people's involving in the case and wrote some irritating things on facebook . There are many things to tell but no need to write here and my only aim is to thank our lecturers Anne Kristine and Peter Gundersen. At that day, ı was really having hard time with problems and Peter finished the lesson and tried to find solutions and listened to us and sent email to our coordinator which was very useful, ı think. In fact, ı am very fragile and that day ı couldnt help crying. However, in that cases, you need someone that you can express your feelings. ı mean, you need someone that you can unburden yourself to anyone who will listen to you. Moreover, if this person is a teacher, you feel much more better.
    Now everything is fine and some of our Danish friends apologized to us which was very effective to fix everything. It seems that we have patched up our quarrels. I hope we dont have any problems anymore. :)
    I really want to thank our teachers again for their care. :)

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  1. I am glad this "nonsense matter" turned out for the best...