Monday, April 11, 2011

costume party:)


farmers :)

tree, Adam and Eve

Live For Today...Plan For Tomorrow...Party Tonight! :p :p :D


Last Friday, we attended a costume party at school. ın fact, we were so unwilling to go as we were very tired after malmö trip and felt like doing nothing but just having a rest at home. Also we didnt buy or prepare any speacial costumes. However, Christine said that it wouldnt be a  a prolem that we came to party without any speacial costumes. Finally, we decided to attend the party. However, later we came up with a brillant idea about costumes and we tried to arrange something from theatre room. The result was very funny and creative. Everybody in the party liked our costumes very much and some people wanted to be taken photos with us:) As for the party, it was very colourful and enjoyable. There were many people with funny costumes and everybody looked so sweety while dancing with their costumes. :)

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