Monday, March 7, 2011

Teaching practice or observation :)

ı want to talk about our teaching practice.
we went "Iselinge"School for our teaching practice. it was a really fantastic week for us. we had the chance of observing Danish schools. Firstly, there is a very comfortable atmosphere in the classrooms. Children can call their teacher by his first name. however, sometimes ı couldnt believe that how children can be so nice and listen to their teacher without making noise. pupils in one of the classes that ı have been were so nice and we were able to communicate in English with most of them. Martin ( the teacher ) said that some of the students were very willing to speak English. They were able to make long sentences and even one of the girls read all the series of Harry Potter in English. moreover, their social relationships is very good. They are very good at group or pair works and they help each other. ı hope ı can have pupils like them :) Also, the general atmosphere of the school is very relaxing. students can wear whatever they want and walk around without shoes. ı think they can express themselves perfectly in this way. All of them has their own styles and they can reflect themselves in their clothing. They can lie and sit on the floors. at first, nazlı and me were very surprised and then we touched on the ground with our hands and the floors are very very clean.
     As for lessons, we observed math, English and music classes. ın math class, students made paperflies for learn how to measure. they made their own paperfly but they worked in pairs. while all of the students were flying their paperflies out of the classroom , two students were doing sth else in the classroom. when we asked them why they stayed in, they said that they forgot to do their homework and they wanted to finish their homework and then they would participate in flying paperflies later. ı was very surprised that they knew their own responsibilities and they did this without their theacher's saying anything about that.
   ın English lessons, they listened a story and studied on this story. After they listened this story, they read the story from their books and wrote the story again with their own sentences and filled in the blanks in their books related to the story. Also, students knowledge of vocabulary is very good.
  Most amazing lesson was music lessons. younger students were making rhythmes with their hands and with some instruments and playing games and older students were playing instruments and singing songs. Martin also made some classes listen classic music at the end of the lesson and they all lied on the ground and closed their eyes and took the pleasure of relaxing.
  one more thing is that school was full of posters that studetns made. ı think they are really good at task based works and their products are amazing. they choose their topic and they prepare their demonstrations how they want.
 All in all, it was a fantastic teaching practice. ı have a lot to tell but for now ı could write my first impressions.

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