Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Time is over :)

Time passed so quickly and here come ou last days in DK. ERASMUS was a great experience for me and I think ı did one of the best things that ı could do in my life. This idea was sometimes frightening and sometimes it sounded enjoyable and different when ı was filling my application forms at that time. I have never lived so far away from my family before ı came here. I have never been regretful that ı came here and it was good for me because ı was with my best friend. Maybe this year was more hard for us in terms of family because some of our friends went to Turkey in semester holiday to see their families and some of them are seeing their parents via internet but Nazlı and me never had this chance. In Turkey, som of them live far way from their parents while studying but Nazlı and me live in Mersin and it is so close to our hometown, so we used to see our parents every weekend. Moreover, ı have never done cleaning or cooking before ı came here. In Turkey generally these household chores are seen our mother's duty and even if ı want to do, ı know she wont let me every time. So, studying in a foreign country was very beneficial in terms of learning household things. Secondly, you recognize your friends and their personalities better in a foreign country. ı made a lot of observations about people. Nazlı's mother said that if you want to know sb, you should either live together or go on a trip with that person. Anyway, Nazlı and me met alot of people and it will be hard for us to say Goodbye to them. Also, it was so hard to say Goodbye to Maria for us as she was always with us and we were having breakfast and dinner together. we were like a family and maria always called me mama as ı always cooked something and she gained a lot of weight after she met with us. When she talked about weight, ı was making a cake for her. :p We never had breakfast and dinner seperately and this made us like a family and it was obligatory for three of us to attend them. Now she left here early to see her Grandmother who is ill. :( And ı am so soor that ı couldnt take care of her so much as ı was dealing with my exam papers at that time but ı know that we will meet one day and she is planning to come to Turkey next year. I have a lot of things to tell but ı cant get my mind around my thoughts to write them. I think ı will go on later... see you...

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