Monday, May 30, 2011

the exams are about to over :)

we have our last exam tomorrow with Anne Kristine, then we are free. it was a hard but efficient period. ı learned a lot of things and also ı had the chance to revise all the topics that we discussed during classes. Last Friday ı had an exam with Peter and ı was so excited and nervous as Peter was so serious at that time. :) However, when ı got in the class and began to talk, ı was just relaxed and confident. Also Peter created a friendly atmosphere and ı felt myself in a discussion about sth with my friends. Dilan was the most excited one but she studied hard and she got an "A" as a result of this effort. when she heard that she got an A, she was screaming. After Peter's exam was over and when ı heard my grade, ı was so pleased and relieved.
  Exams are over and we should be happy for that but when ı knew that this was my last exam here, ı felt so sad. Everything has an end and our time is up here. On the one hand ı am so happy that ı will meet with my family and friends after a long time in Turkey, on the other hand ı have so many memories with the classes and out of the classes. But the memories are to be remembered, so we will keep our memories somewhere in our minds and then retrieve them sometimes to look what we lived once upon a time in Denmark. :)

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