Monday, October 4, 2010

Finally we are in Vordinborg:):)

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     I am really excited about my first entry to my blog. Anyway, today I will mention the first day in Denmark. Our plane landed at half past one to Copenhagen. We ( nazlı, uğur, sevim and me) were so tired that we couldn't do anything but just waited for the first train to come and had some rest in the airport. We also didn't have any DK Kroner with us because we didn't exchange our money before we came here. And some people said that we were supposed to buy tickets for the train with Kroner. So we thought that we would wait for the exchange office to open at nine o'clock. Suddenly we decided that we couldnt wait in the airport for a long time because we were tired, cold, and hungry ,so we asked someone and learnt that we can pay the money for tickets on the train as Euro. Then finally we were on the train and we arrived at Vordingborg. This time we started to wait for our tutors ( Martin and Trine). But they didn't show up for a long time and feeling of loneliness in a small train station overwhelmed us. Not knowing what to do we asked a woman whether there is a dormitory or college hereabouts and we showed the phone number of our tutors and she called them and she asked them to pick us. After calling them, ın a few minutes they showed up and they apologised to us as they were late because they didnt know our exact arrival time. Then we took a short trip to the school and our dormitories and the best side of seeing our rooms was leaving our very HEAVY luggages in the room. By the way Martin and Trine were so kind because they prepared a breakfast for us and after breakfast they showed us around and some shopping places. We all surprised when we saw what a small city Vordingborg was. Because it didnt take too much time to see every places in Vordinborg. The city seemed quite quiet and peaceful. At the end of the day we were happy after we had a rest in our comfortable rooms. This is my first day in Vordingborg.
The happy end...
Special Thanks to Martin, Trine and the woman in the train station who called Martin and Trine.

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